Is polyandry acceptable : part 2

You remember I talked about the story of Manasvi and Raj ?

I got to know some more facts about the same case recently and that’s when I decided to post it on WordPress to keep you all updated with the developments.( If you haven’t read the story ,please read it , I am putting the link at the end of the post )

Ok so three years ago a new neighbor had come to the building. Basically these people are very friendly and open .The family consists of an old couple ( around 51-60 years old) and their two sons who were living in some other mostly only this elderly couple is there in the home.May be because of loneliness they became very close to Raj and Manasvi.Manasvi would stay for hours with them. Infact she trusted them blindly. She used to spend entire day sometimes with the old couple. Also , there is one more thing that you all should know.Manasvi and Raj are from lower middle class family.They are not very high profile and well qualified.Whearas this old couple is very rich in terms of status and wealth. So they would always give some or the other gifts to Manasvi .They would buy expensive things for her kids.

I remember 2 years back , one other neighbor actually highlighted this close proximity of Manasvi with the couple. He said that it is not right .At that time I didn’t understand much. “The old man is overfriendly with Manasvi. He cracks all sorts of dirty jokes with her.Above all Manasvi responds to all such idiotic things with an insane laughter. She must realize that this man is of her father’s age” he said.

“Well , as long as she has no problem with it, who are we to poke our nose into it.but how can she be so stupid.After all she is a mother of two kids.” he added.

“Lately we got to know that the old couple is in search of a surrogate mother who can help old man’s childless brother in having a baby” he said.

I don’t know if this has anything to do with the context though.I don’t even know whether there is any reality in these statements. Infact I have very good relationship with these people.They have been very nice to me and my family. They have always been very helpful.

Many of us have seen the couple adoring Manasvi’s second child “Reehan” who was just two years old.

Now it obviously seems a twisted tale wherein the main culprit is apparently the hidden personal motive.The couple shows no interest in resolving the issues between Manasvi and Raj inspite of being so close to them.Infact the old man is encouraging them to part ways.If any of us try to talk individually to either Manasvi or Raj , the old man gets furious.He also provokes Raj to leave Manasvi.

Now the thing is that if I take things the legal way , the court will not even take two seconds in calling it mere a theory which can’t be linked all together.

Do you think there is any link between these separate pieces of truth? What are your opinions? Please feel free to comment below .

Link for the first part of the story:


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  1. As long as she isnt being forced( that u know of) to do anything against her will, you cant do anything leagally. But i think there’s a huge possibility that the old couple have an ulterior motive

  2. Unfortunately, it is Manasvi who has to take this decision, whether to keep herself away from the old couple who is seemingly nice, but has other motives, or to separate from Raj, and put her kids through hell. The court provides her with the right to do so, if she can provide enough reasons. Being a well-wisher, you can talk to Manasvi about this and just hope that she understands the situation, and goes back to her family. Hope she would understand. Kudos to your efforts to save a neighbor’s family life! πŸ™‚

  3. It is kind of flawed. The thing is polyandry has been followed through ages, through Egyptians and Mesopotamian.
    But we in India are hard to accept is, all form of sexualism happens here, but we can’t accept here because we treat sex as a holy process, though it is not.

  4. It’s almost looking like an Indian movie, but I believe Raj is the head of the family he should take discussions into his hands not heeding to the old couple’s advice, looking at the fact that the old couples had enjoyed their married life with two kids without any issue of such. πŸ‘πŸ‘

  5. Good morning fair Nehavermaa and thanks for starting to follow my blog. I am relocating to a new residence right know and have little time to write. As soon as I settle down, I promise I will read some of your articles and comment them appropriately. Un baccione. Arrivederci!

    • Well, things are not perfect even today…..but now a days I can see a lot of improvement in their relationship…. Apparently Manasvi had apologised and Raj is at least ok with that.They both are living together for the sake of their two children. Both seems to be compromising.

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